OEM Services


You want to expand a product line, help develop new products, increase quality of your product and lower cost? We have many years of experience in sensor and embedded design:

The standard products you see on our web site account for a small fraction of the total volume of work we     do, most of the equipment we make is for large (and some smaller) OEM clients and does not appear on       the web site. Send us an email to get the discussion going. We have a large base of IP from our standard      products or we can just help you to get your own products into production.


You have an idea to produce and a market to target, we have the  production resources to get it produced economically in large or small       scale. We can help you expand a product line or help out with a new one. Clients that take advantage of our resources consistenly               outperform their market peers due to better pricing or better features for the same dollar.

  • Customised Electrical and Mechanical Design Work
  • PCB Fabrication
  • Assembly and Testing

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Our in house engineering team, currently numbering around 15 people, have many years of experience in product design & development.     We have electronics, firmware and mechanical resources that can turn your product ideas into reality. With our hands on HVC experience     we understand what your customers are after and can consistenytly develop solutions which will make you a potent force in the          marketplace.

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If you are just starting to experiment with offshore manufacturing a good introduction will be to have your bare PCBs made in Shagnhai.      From proto through to production you will see that many of the extras that are charged with other companies simply do not show up in our    quotes. Panelizing, extra drill sizes, special machining, custom board thicknesses, etc.. these services generally do not impact the price at    all. Bed of nails Etest is standard at no change, fixtured Etest and Flying probe etest are very reasonably priced.

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Flexible Circuits give you more options in packaging and help reduce product size.

  • Adhesive: epoxy, acrylic or polyester
  • Plating: tin lead, nickel and gold
  • Stiffener, mylar or kapton
  • Hinge, Flying head, Floppy disc cable
  • Surface heater
  • Printer head
  • Ground plate
  • Switch, Fuse
  • Keyboard, Tablet

We understand the strict requirements involved for high volume order to meet costquality and reliability, and always re-inforce these standards when performing Quality Control.

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Hit your budget with room to spare! Once we quote we’ll bend over backwards to make sure there are no overruns or delays. This means  there are no charges for many extras such as minor modifications or maintenance on the mold, no charge for storage, no charge for setting  up test shots in various colors, etc, etc. We can do specialty processes such as gas injection, dual materials, in mold decoration, over-  molded parts. Have us work on only the core if your tooling will be moved to your local country or have us quote the whole project including  injected parts.

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We can provide machined stamped or punched metal parts made of assorted metals. Specifications and Features:

  • Materials: steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, aluminum, zinc, brass, copper
  • Finishing: etching, electroplating, color-coating, epoxy coating, ED coating
  • We use stamping and CNC machines
  • Sophisticated power pressing machines
  • Comprehensive metal stamping skill
  • Complete engineering and manufacturing services: product design, test and measuring including shear and tensile strength testing
  • Fully automatic production machines for high speed manufacturing

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Being involved in the global economy for many years now, we understand the quality standards required in prodution and services for        electronic parts. We provide practical research information about strategic sourcing and outsourcing issues comon to this industry.Finding  the lowest price has always been our top priority. Here are list of items we deal with on a regular basis:


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