About us

Company Introduction:
BOB_full_cr72Bravo Controls Ltd. is a manufacturer of low cost control systems and end devices for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications. We got our start back in 1969 as the RobertShaw dealer for the Province of British Columbia, Canada. We worked closely with Reliable Controls as their one & only dealer for a while. Later we built our own ‘T3000’ DDC system which launched in 1995. The T3000 system has grown into a full featured, freely programmable controller suitable for basically any size building or group of buildings, the strong points being ease of use and low cost.

Contract Manufacturing Design Services
In 1997, due to the large amount of work we had going on in Asia we moved the operation to Shanghai China. There we focused our efforts on contract manufacturing of the HVAC end devices, doing work for some famous brand names such as Belimo, Carrier, and Siemen’s to name a few. We have experience in both the design and the installation of Building Automation Systems, our team of engineers can assist OEM’s in applying existing products or designing new ones to your specifications. We’ll use our existing product line as a starting point and customize it to your application. Thanks to our low overhead and good base of existing technology the engineering work can often be absorbed as part of the first small order. Longer term development projects can be quoted according to your specs and always come with full source code & IP rights.

The People Behind Bravo:
Maurice - Bravo Controls
Maurice Duteau, the owner and Managing Director of Bravo Controls, graduated from the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of British Columbia in 1984. Has extensive experience in the industry
-Two years as Energy Conservation Engineer for the New York State Energy Advisory. This is what got me first interested in building automation.
-Over ten years in the controls contracting business: bidding, programming and commissioning projects.
-Took over the Bravo helm from the founder Ron Hackett in 1995.
-Over twenty years of electronics design, development and manufacturing experience.

-Proud father of two young kids with my Wife and business partner, Shirley.

-Avid ultra marathon runner and cyclist.

-Here’s my linkedin page where you’ll see recommendations and links to many controls industry veterans: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maurice-duteau-1058154/

Shirley Gu - Bravo ControlsShirley Gu is the production manager and over all fixer. She has rich experience in the electronics manufacturing industry and works closely with our local Shanghai subcontractors on everything from plastic injected parts, stamped metal, cast metal, cables & harnesses, keypad assemblies, and especially electronics sourcing & assembly.

What we do:

The engineering staff is currently at 15 people, our electrical and software engineers are ready to assist with applying existing products or develop new ones.

Production staff is numbered currently at 15 people which we try to keep small on purpose to allow us to focus on QC and product development. A lot of the heavy lifting production work is subcontracted out to our many faithful, ultra-reliable subcontractors. We are well equipped to do small volume projects and prototypes in house.

Closing Remarks:
Bravo’s typical customer is an independent controls contractor or manufacturer who is comfortable doing business up against the biggest names in the industry: Honeywell, Siemens, Johnson Controls and the usual crowd. We’re a small family owned private company growing quickly due to our easy going business attitude. We have no sales people and attend no trade shows, all business development is done through word of mouth and organic search. We look forward to doing business with controls contractors, distributors and manufacturers both large and small wherever you are located. We ship globally and are easy to do business with.